Tuesday, June 07, 2005

who's your daddy?

See for yourself.... " I cannot sign up to Blair's African mission (regarding doubling aid for Africa in the next decade)" says Bush, “It doesn’t fit our budgetary process...” http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2-1639179,00.html http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8123802/

I was watching NBC news this morning, and could hardly believe my eyes! I was very bitter and enraged.

We (Africans) suffered the ravages of foreign ideologies in the form of christian crusades and islamic jihads, slavery (of our own people in foreign lands), exploitation in the hands of greedy colonialists, and now rejection by the very same foreign puppetiers who still control our destiny today. Race (which coincidentally is a biological myth, but a societal reality) and racism have tied dark skin to the lowest tier of most societies. We are still scraping the bottom of the barrel of humanity. Collectively, in the eyes of Others, ALL dark-skinned people are the same!

We keep squabbling like little children over petty shit like tribalism. I can just hear Them mocking away: "Look at these fuckin' African savages.... !" The Europeans figured out early enough that They didn't have to exterminate Us: "Those Africans are sooo dumb they'll effectively do the dirty work themselves. Bwahahaha!!" We willingly destroy ourselves through war & diseases- and don't know any better because we are too busy kissing ass, and trying to be Them. It is trully disgusting that we've bought into the myth ... resigned ourselves to believing the propaganda that We, the fauna of Africa, are nothing! We (Africans) are like dogs, sitting obediently on our haunches by the table hoping for little crumbs. Nothing more that bitches, running around with our tails between our legs, after being fucked in the ass by our bestial 'Massa', ! Arrgghhhh! I'm sick of this shit!

What happened to our pride, eh? Have we no shame? How can we allow these atrocities to happen? Why do we continue to debate about who is to blame for our problems instead of taking the helm into our own hands? How much more of this crap are we going to put up with? How long is this humiliation going to go on?

Brethren, wake the fuck up!!! It's time we realized that we (Africans) are on our own- no one gives a damn about us! Fuck the lip-service paid by these imperialistic bastards ! I say that we (Kenyans) need to take fate into our own hands and control our own destiny. For chrissakes, We need to stop complaining and do SOMETHING about it!

We need to embrace a true sense of pride in ourselves, and shake off all the negative actions, attitudes, and stereotypes directed towards dark-skinned people. All dark people need to unite and map our own destiny. In Kenya, we need to create sustainable projects that can rejuvenate our economy and inprove the standards of living of our peoples. We have:

  1. the manpower (unemployment rate hoovers about 40%, and we have a labor force of about 11.4m 2004 est),
  2. literacy rate is about 85%, and
  3. the current govt. has undertaken certain reforms that have began to show encouraging results.

The groundwork is in place to plant seeds of (re)development of our homeland.

Pass the word around: This is an open call to Kenyan (and African) diaspora abroad to join me in planning a development strategy for our motherland. I would like to convene a panel of experts and potential investors that will get together to create sources of affordable capital, technology inputs, and infrastructure, etc. Ideally it shall be a private network of individuals who will raise venture capital, and coordinate investment activities that would stimulate the Kenyan (and African) economy into a globally competitive market like China or India.

I've put myself on the block for this project- but I can't do it on my own, do you feel me? I want to gauge how many people are of the same mind

Let me know where you stand. Post your comments.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

is this thing on?

All day I've been seriously deliberating how I shall define my online presence. This has been a surprisingly daunting task! However it finally came together like two sweaty butt-cheeks.

Jaluo's disclosure:

#1. Changed nickname from "His Royal Magniloquence (HRM)" to Debe Tupu "Empty Can". The original phrase was supposed to reflect royalty with a highly ornamental style- not JFP.

  • JFP aka Jaluo Floss Power= pompous and boastful behaviors exhibited by members of a certain tribe, which are intended to excite admiration, envy, or wonder.'His Royal Magniloquence' is not a misnomer- however it may be misinterpreted to mean 'grandiose misfit'.
#2. Truth be said- I shall use this blogspot to masturbate my mental faculties and (hopefully) ejaculate my ideas. My thoughts may appeal to some and not to others. You can either swallow or spit it out.
  • "Debe Tupu: In Swahili there is a proverb that says that an empty surely makes a hell of noise. It is used to describe an individual who has everything to say about nothing. This nickname is a true paradox - as you'll soon find out. I am an true enigma (not a nigger). However in life there are disparagers 'hataz' who will not like what I have to say. The nickname is intended to take the wind out of their lungs. Go ahead and throw the rungus! I'm ready for y'all!

I'm open-minded. I welcome all your comments. I will read them, and attempt to respond to each one.

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