Tuesday, May 31, 2005

rapturing the hymen

I think I should introduce myself. You shall refer to me as Jaluo. I am a native Dholuo (or Luo) speaker.

My original homeland is Yimbo -located along the humid, beautiful shores of Lake Victoria- Kenya. I am a descendant of a band of fierce Nubians warriors who, seeking the source of the Nile, trekked down along the great river from Upper Sudan in the 1400s. Who knows what possessed them- perhaps it was the ultimate quest for for the mother-of-all-"Fiss."

Natural selection, wars and strife left only the best bunch of bad-ass warriors who fought their way to and conquered the eastern shores of Lake Victoria. As testimony to their conquests, several groups of Luo-speaking groups mark their trail (Jur, Bor and Anuak of Sudan, Alur of Congo, Lang'i, Padhola and Acholi of Uganda, etc)- I'm not kidding- look it up, stupid!

Upon arrival they set up camp at Got Ramogi (Ramogi Hills) which became their look-out point to observe for enemy movements, and began to gradually disperse and conquer the areas surrounding the great Nam.

Now you may be asking why the hell am I telling you this? Because I'm going to let you into a secret... the blood of those pioneers surges in my veins. I'm a pure-bred unblemished descendant of those fish-bone spitting braves! Fearless and proud of who I am, and where I came from. My 'motherland' is within a stone-throw of that most sacred of places- Got Ramogi.

When my father took my elder brother and I to his birthplace and his/our virgin ancestral land that has been passed down several generations, I was only 10y.o. I didn't comprehend the significance of that trip at all.

Big deal I thought, why are we here? I don't really wanna be in here! What's with all this wilderness? Is this what you brought me out here to see? When shall we get back to 'civilization'?

The old man said: "this is your land, do not ever forget your heritage," as he proudly pointed out the tree underneath which he was born. Fact or fiction, the story goes that grandma was working in the fields when she went into labor... there no hospitals back then- that was proverbial 'maternity ward'! In spite of his seemingly humble beginnings, he was a great man: revered and respected by those who knew him- RIP. Those moments shared with my father were never lost to me, although I didn't fathom it then.

Travel through time... to 1976 when my father sowed his seeds. Little did he know that he stirred awake the ancient souls of royalty from the kingdom of Nubia who were clamoring for a second-coming in the dawn of 1977. Beating the odds (1/750 000 000 sperm jousting for position), here I am NOW, a Ruoth, progeny of Kings and Queens of yore, carrying forth the galant legacy of my ancestors, and bearing the proud pennant of my family name and blood- a true-born warrior ready to conquer this new frontier- YOUR MIND.

*Stay tuned*
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